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We’ve worked on countless successful GTM recruitment searches and now we’re giving that knowledge away for free. Scope your role, engage passive candidates, and optimize hiring processes for sales and marketing talent all in one place.

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Role Specification & Candidate Profiling

How to filter down to the top 10% of Enterprise Account Executives

The top 3 attributes to hone in on when looking to hire the ideal Enterprise Account Executive for your organization.

How to structure a job description for sales candidates

Get practical advice on the key messages that top sales candidates want to see in your job descriptions.


Watch now: How to Screen for the Top 10% of Account Executives

Join our EMEA and US GTM recruitment experts as they share insider tips & key traits for identifying the top 10% of EAEs.

The Go-To-Market Job Descriptions Hub

Get access to a comprehensive range of pre-built, customizable job description templates to accelerate your GTM search assignments.

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Candidate Acquisition Strategy

Improving engagement and application rates with candidate briefing packs

Learn more about the benefits and impact of deploying candidate briefing packs to elevate your outreach to GTM candidates.

Top tips to improve response rates from candidate outreach InMails

Uncover some of the key principles that go into candidate outreach InMails that will help you unlock a superior response rate.


Hiring Process Optimization

Interview process design for Go-To-Market talent - top tips

Leverage these 5 tips to create the ideal interview process that culminates in improved time-to-hire and candidate engagement.

Benchmarking KPIs and timeframes for a sales leadership search

Get real-life data around what "good" looks like when setting expectations for your next sales leadership assignment.

The GTM Recruitment Checklist

Say hello to the GTM Recruitment Checklist: your actionable guide for attracting, hiring, and onboarding the best sales and marketing talent. Access everything you need to know to make outstanding GTM hires every time in one handy document.


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