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Welcome to Dhishing

Where CISOs come to network.

What is Dhishing?

Dhishing is a CISO dining club community that focuses in on the issues that matter to cyber security leaders. We don’t just talk about Phishing but there are dishes involved at our exclusive gatherings. We build our agendas around CISOs that are keen to pay it forward to the security community with talks and panel sessions covering off topics including: the skills gap, technology investment priorities, emerging trends around the cloud and IoT, diversity, regulatory risk and much more. Our mission is to create an environment where security leaders can share thoughts, ideas and best practices with their peer group to ensure that security functions keep pace with digital business and add value to the proposition.

Find out what it's all about

Catch the highlights from a previous Dhishing event:

Agree in Public, Argue in Private

Who should attend Dhishing?

We believe it’s important to network with genuine peers which is why Dhishing events are typically attended by: CISOs, CIOs, CTO’s Director’s of Information Security, Heads of Cyber Security, Security Directors and VPs Information Security.

Our recent events

Get a sense of some of the themes we cover.


Planning the Plan
Building the Perfect Security Roadmap


Agree in Public, Argue in Private


Securing Security
Annual Round Up

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