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tado° pioneers intelligent climate solutions with a more efficient approach to engineering recruitment

Find out how tado° were able to build an innovative engineering team to maintain their rapid growth trajectory with the help of Stott and May.


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Case-Study-Relationship-Start-Date Relationship Start Date

October 2022

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Munich, Germany


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Team Builder


Completed Assignments at tado°

3 Senior Cloud Software Engineers | 2 Senior Backend Engineers | Senior Mobile Engineer | Senior Frontend Engineer


About tado°

Founded in 2011, tado° are experts in home energy management operating millions of smart devices for their customers globally. Being at the forefront of the IoT revolution, they are a leading provider of smart home climate control solutions committed to pioneering technological innovation, setting new industry standards, and promoting a more efficient and sustainable world.

tado° believes its greatest strength lies in its people, with a diverse, 200+ strong workforce fuelling innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving the business forward on its path to success. Since joining tado° in 2019, Group Engineering Manager Luka Giorgadze has been instrumental in driving the remarkable growth of the engineering department. Throughout his tenure, he has successfully managed a 50% increase in headcount in his group and currently oversees 5 product engineering teams.


Finding skilled engineers to maintain rapid growth momentum

For a fast-scaling company in its formative years, establishing a strong market presence was vital in ensuring tado° could maintain its trajectory. “tado° essentially pioneered the concept of smart climate control a decade ago when it was virtually nonexistent, so carving out a strong market presence was instrumental for our growth,” Luka highlights. As the company experienced rapid expansion, the demand for engineering talent surged in parallel. Building this dynamic team would be pivotal in supporting the company’s success. “tado° is very focused on delivering value to our customers. We prioritize using technology to solve real-world problems through quality solutions and experiences. We’re a very product-minded company, and investing in our engineering team was imperative in fueling our growth and innovation.” Given the breadth of the task, Luka needed accelerated access to a skilled candidate community aligned with the tado° mindset. “In that transition from a startup to a scale-up, the hires you make along the way can really underpin your success. We needed to find high-quality candidates who could hit the ground running. For us, it wasn’t just about the skills; mindset is an incredibly important part of working at tado°. We look for people who can deal with uncertainty, embrace the 80-20 principle, know when to dive in and when to step back, know how to identify key stakeholders and who to collaborate with to keep things running smoothly. This is especially important through such a fast-scaling period for us. Every hire is absolutely essential to sustain our momentum." 

With a strong emphasis on candidate fit, Luka saw the importance of identifying a recruitment partner who could act as an extended team member. However, finding this trusted talent advisor became a key challenge for the business. “We worked with numerous agencies, but many struggled to understand our rather unique needs. We spent hours explaining our vision and values to recruiters, only for them to present candidates who weren’t aligned with our mindset. It often felt like we were just another company for them to send profiles to. Our core value is to prioritize the customer, and not just to create fancy tech products. We need people who strive to solve real-world problems and make an impact. Any successful recruitment partner would need to be aligned with this ethos to deliver candidates who could effectively contribute to our vision,” states Luka.

“What really stood out was the level of collaboration; it felt like a two-way dialogue where both sides were actively engaged. Based on this positive experience, we knew we had found a solution we could trust in partnering with Stott and May.”

Luka Giorgadze, Group Engineering Manager, tado°


Focusing on the finer details to deliver exceptional candidates

Following his first engagement with Stott and May in 2020, Luka recognized the value of the relationship. “My initial conversation with Stott and May stood out. They asked insightful questions that went beyond the typical checklist. They sought to understand how a prospective candidate would fit into our team, envisioning their role and contribution. They delved into the expertise and attitude a candidate should bring, which was a refreshing change compared to other recruitment firms. Stott and May looked at the bigger picture. With their help, we were able to create a more comprehensive view of our ideal candidate profile and stand out effectively in the market. They remained open to our feedback to ensure continuous alignment and delivered quality regularly, saving us hours of sifting through profiles.” Luka continues.

When it came to candidate screening, Luka appreciated Stott and May’s perseverance. "They took a detailed and holistic approach; CVs, while important, don't always tell the complete story. In cases where a candidate's resume didn't fully represent their potential, Stott and May would dig deeper. They’d have a conversation with the candidate and discover valuable insights beyond what was on paper. This balanced approach gave me added confidence when interviewing candidates. I believe it's crucial not to have recruitment agencies that simply coach candidates to align with our interview process. We didn’t want people primed with what to tell us to tick boxes. Stott and May have gained a deep understanding of our requirements and processes over time, allowing them to provide a more holistic view of potential candidates without overstepping the boundaries."


“Stott and May looked at the bigger picture. With their help, we were able to create a more comprehensive view of our ideal candidate profile and stand out effectively in the market.”

Luka Giorgadze, Group Engineering Manager, tado°


A meaningful partnership that consistently delivers value

Having placed successful candidates at tado° in the past, Stott and May already had a solid reputation within the business. "Stott and May were an established partner, so it made sense to leverage their expertise. We began with a one-off placement and were very happy with the quality of candidates. What really stood out was the level of collaboration; it felt like a two-way dialogue where both sides were actively engaged. Based on this positive experience, we knew we had found a solution we could trust in partnering with Stott and May. They understood what we were looking for and quickly grasped the qualities needed to succeed at tado°. There are many intrinsic aspects to our product and how it works. We make this super simple for our customers, but that is achieved through having a thorough understanding ourselves: for any engineer to be productive, they really need to understand the product. Stott and May delivered candidates with the experience and agility to successfully interpret and deliver our offering.” 

The trust built through successful placements led tado° to broaden its relationship with Stott and May. "We were confident in their ability to represent us effectively in the market,” Luka notes. “Beyond just filling roles, it's about the reputation associated with our brand when candidates interact with us through a partner like Stott and May. After seeing consistently strong placements and experiencing a productive collaboration, we reached a point where we saw value in establishing an even closer partnership, which came with additional benefits including even shorter feedback loops, exclusive access to top talent, and a branding employer microsite. We’re happy to see that our partnership continues delivering value."


An aligned vision to accelerate growth and innovation

The project has resulted in key hires across Germany, and Luka has built a comprehensive engineering team that continues to scale with the help of Stott and May. “Two of the things I’ve valued the most in working with Stott and May are their responsiveness and alignment with our needs. Availability and prompt communication are crucial for the pace at which we operate. It was so important to know that I could reach out to them, quickly schedule a call, and engage in fruitful conversations within a day. This responsiveness and openness to feedback have been paramount in our partnership.” 

tado°'s successful collaboration with Stott and May has paved the way for a more efficient recruitment process. This enables Luka to lead his team of engineers to do what they do best: deliver energy efficiency and comfort to customers globally through product innovation at pace. “If you want a talent partner who listens to your needs very carefully and delivers timely and consistently, go with Stott and May,” Luka concludes.

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“Stott and May took a detailed and holistic approach.”

If you want a talent partner who listens to your needs very carefully and delivers well and timely, go with Stott and May.

Luka Giorgadze

Group Engineering Manager, tado°


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