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Proton refuses to cut corners when it comes to eCommerce recruitment

Find out how Proton rises to the challenge of landmark projects through candidates driving measurable impact with Stott and May.

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January 2022 - Present

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New York


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Senior Front End eCommerce Engineer | Creative Director/Senior Designer


About Proton

Proton is a specialist Shopify eCommerce agency based in New York. Made up of designers, developers, and strategists, the agency builds high-performance, beautiful storefronts that convert and powerful software that solves complex business problems.

The company exists to help create positive results from eCommerce initiatives optimizing ROI, revenue, and performance in every client engagement. Their uncompromising approach to quality and best practices has taken the Shopify Plus community by storm.

Jake Casto and David Morales founded the business in January 2022 with a shared vision to create an eCommerce agency that would be a positive charge for the industry with a ‘no cutting corners’ mindset.


Setting a higher bar for the eCommerce industry

Proton was in the process of scaling up quickly. “These two roles were vital to our growth,” stated David Morales, Head of Visual Development & Co-Founder. “There is a lot of demand for high-quality eCommerce agencies. So many of our customers have engaged with firms that simply failed to deliver and, as a result, when they turn to us, they really buy into our ethos of never cutting corners,” David continued.

“Our name is tied into what we do,” David adds. “A proton is a positive charge. We exist to deliver positive results. It’s about positivity when it comes to ROI, revenue, and performance. We take a very strong stance on performance and best practices. We don’t like cutting any corners. We’d rather explain to a client that something is going to take dramatically longer and cost more to be done correctly rather than cut corners to align with their timeframes and budget.”

That uncompromising commitment to excellence extends to the recruitment strategy at Proton. “We have had mixed experiences with recruiters in the past. We weren’t aware of how low the bar could be set regarding candidate quality. We look for developers and creatives that share our mindset. It was important for us to find a filter to help us deal with a high volume of speculative applications. We’ve wasted so much time on candidates that are unscreened. We knew that we needed to have someone in place as a buffer to pre-screen those candidates.”

"It was important for us to find a filter to help us deal with a high volume of speculative applications."

David Morales, Head of Visual Development & Co-Founder, Proton


Rising to the challenge of landmark projects

Off the back of winning a large, high-profile project, Proton needed to onboard a Front-End eCommerce Engineer and Senior Designer, in a timely fashion, to help rectify the legacy issues created by a previous incumbent. David recognized the scale of the task at hand. “The eCommerce recruitment space is extremely challenging. I tend to interview every candidate that we are going to potentially hire, and I like to ask difficult questions. Not because I want to hear the right answer. I just want to see how the people think. It’s very hard to find an individual that’s capable of thinking on their own, creatively, and in a way, that’s going to be inducive of positive results.”

Given there was no room for compromise on time or quality, Proton recognized the need for a new approach and a specialist talent partner. “We knew we needed to try something different because when we’ve worked with other recruitment agencies, we passed on 95-99% of applicants because they completely failed our interview tests. We’ve worked with great recruiters in the past as candidates ourselves, so when the time came, it made sense to reach out to Stott and May as they had such a good reputation in the space,” David noted.


Making a great first impression

It was important for the project to get up and running quickly and Proton was impressed with the way that Stott and May conducted the process right from the outset. “It was seamless. They moved quicker than we were potentially even ready for. We saw candidate profiles on the same day as we briefed the role. We didn’t realize just how quickly they’d move. We’ve not had another comparable experience to that in eCommerce recruitment. There’s just been so much value to extract out of the relationship right from the word go,” David reflected.

“Everybody knows time is valuable. It’s irreplaceable. The amount of time we’ve saved working with Stott and May on this hiring process is beyond comparison. We interviewed two people. We hired two people. Those statistics speak for themselves. Stott and May knew straight from the briefing call exactly who would fit in with us.”

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"The amount of time we’ve saved working with Stott and May on this hiring process is beyond comparison."

David Morales, Head of Visual Development & Co-Founder, Proton


Shared values and expectations

Understanding the challenges associated with eCommerce recruitment, David and the Proton team reached out to Stott and May to assess the potential of working together. “Jake and I both ran our own agencies prior to Proton and fully understand the hurdles associated with acquiring great talent,” David explained. “Stott and May had been on our radar for years. Everybody in eCommerce typically knows each other. From the beginning of the process, Stott and May were transparent in what they had to offer, and we felt like they didn’t add in any fluff around the candidates they presented to us.”

Proton was keen to select a partner that shared their values. They wanted to extend their recruitment capability with a specialist talent team that had a strong focus on transparency and execution, something they hadn’t seen from previous suppliers in the space. “If Proton was to become a recruitment agency, they would have the same ideology as Stott and May. We don’t cut corners and we always deliver quality. That synergy was obvious from the very first engagement.” As a result, Proton embarked on an exclusive assignment with Stott and May, covering both the design and engineering requirements.


Outstanding time-to-hire and candidate conversion

The Proton team immediately saw positive results after engaging with Stott and May on the project. “In terms of time-to-hire, it was quick. Primarily because we only really had to see two candidates for two positions. If we could repeat this every time that we need to hire, then we have a real recipe for success,” David stated. “I would certainly say that efficiency and accuracy are words that really come to mind when working with Stott and May.”

Today, David credits Stott and May’s relationships and industry understanding as an important ingredient to the success of the project. “They are genuinely curious about the eCommerce industry and making a contribution,” David explained. “As a business owner, if you pride yourself on efficiency, Stott and May should be your go-to agency for resourcing because that’s ultimately what they deliver for you – efficiency in talent acquisition.”

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Proton - Senior Designer

“Everybody knows time is valuable. It’s irreplaceable."

Efficiency and accuracy are words that really come to mind when working with Stott and May.

David Morales

Head of Visual Development & Co-Founder, Proton


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