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cplace simplify the challenge of finding the right talent to deliver a complex proposition

Find out how cplace were able to expedite access to their ideal candidate profiles across sales and engineering in the backdrop of Munich’s competitive technology skills market.

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February 2023

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Munich, Germany


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Talent Finder


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Enterprise Account Executive | Account Executive | Senior SRE


About cplace

cplace is revolutionizing the way people work together on projects. With their cutting-edge technology, the brand is ushering in a new era of project management. Providing a platform that is creating a paradigm shift and fundamentally changing how enterprise software is developed, cplace is the essential building block for Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management. The brand is trusted by global corporations and market leaders, increasing efficiency and satisfaction for all project stakeholders.

cplace’s ready-to-use building blocks combine proven standards with an innovative twist for today’s demanding project world. Whether it's a Gantt chart, a Kanban board, maturity, or risk management, cplace users are empowered to seamlessly integrate out-of-the-box applications as needed and expand their solution world to align with their evolving processes. The platform serves as the shared foundation for all cplace applications, connecting the solutions using a modular approach. The brand stands for expert knowledge, innovation, creativity, passion and teamwork.


Acquiring the talent to support a complex proposition

Since joining cplace as Senior Talent Acquisition Manager in 2020, Stefan Goller and his team have played a crucial role in supporting the company's growth plans. “We've been actively expanding the team over the last 3 years, but finding the right talent for cplace is always challenging because we’re building and positioning such a versatile solution. We provide a flexible platform that integrates various solutions, some custom-developed for each user. Our aim is to mirror the unique project environments of our customers within the product, making it inherently complex.”

To continue scaling and delivering its uniquely customizable product, cplace needed to prioritize building out key areas of the business. Specifically engineering and sales, as well as Consulting and Professional Services. “We were looking for individuals with the skills to navigate the complexities of large companies, with a deep understanding of how these organizations function, and the ability to offer valuable insights to add agility to their processes. Particularly when recruiting for our sales function, finding the right individual wasn’t just about ticking off a list of core business development skills; we needed someone who would understand our vision, what we are trying to achieve, and articulate complex value propositions effectively.”

Outside of identifying the right candidate profile, Stefan and the team were also conscious of the importance of standing out in Munich’s competitive technology talent landscape. “There is a lot of competition in Munich, with brands like Apple, Google, Siemens, and BMW. So, it’s not always easy to stand out as an employer. We worked with various recruitment firms to try and fill our open positions, but the process often followed a similar pattern: initial profiles, followed by a slowdown, and then an inevitable drop in candidate quality. Many of these agencies were only experienced in one domain, usually engineering, which created complexity for us. We were investing a lot of time and effort to achieve sub-standard results. We needed to find a talent partner who could take a holistic approach to understand the breadth of our proposition and ultimately uncover the types of profiles that would be successful at cplace.”

“Two of the things that first stood out to me with Stott and May were their market knowledge and their ability to cover multiple skill sets. They clearly had the track record to handle both sales and engineering positions under one roof.”

Stefan Goller, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, cplace


Listening to the brief to unlock tangible time savings

Stefan began working with Stott and May in February 2023 with the goal of filling 3 key positions across sales and engineering. From the very outset of the relationship, trust and open communication between the teams paved the way for an efficient onboarding experience. “Stott and May were curious; they took the time to really understand our business and find out exactly what we were looking for. They didn't inundate us with an overwhelming number of candidates; their commitment to delivering high-quality profiles reduced the need for us to review large numbers that didn't quite fit our requirements,” Stefan explains.

“We had great communication throughout the process; they were consistent with sharing updates and always open to our feedback while respecting our time and availability. I felt they really got the brief and listened. The candidates that came through were not only highly skilled with the ability to understand the role's complexities but were also aligned with the goals and values of our business,” Stefan states.

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“The candidates that came through were not only highly skilled with the ability to understand the role's complexities but were also aligned with the goals and values of our business.”

Stefan Goller, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, cplace


Finding the right approach to streamline recruitment

Given the recruitment landscape and the time-consuming process of managing multiple external agencies, cplace recognized the need for a true talent partner. An extension of the team. A credible specialist that could represent their brand effectively in the market. "When Stott and May initially approached us, we were open to exploring new avenues to streamline our recruitment process. Two of the things that first stood out to me in our initial interactions were their market knowledge and their ability to cover multiple skill sets. They clearly had the track record to handle both sales and engineering positions under one roof, which was ideal for us,” Stefan explains.

“We wanted a partner in the sales space that could actively headhunt the passive candidate community and help us acquire talent from reputable software brands in similar or adjacent markets. Stott and May seemed to be a proven entity in that regard. Equally, on the SRE side, we really needed speed. At the time, we had a fairly junior team managing our cloud offerings for customers with only one senior person in seat. That made finding another within the right timescales imperative. Over the course of our exploratory conversations, it was clear that Stott and May could tick a lot of boxes, from candidate acquisition methodology to process efficiency. Especially in the areas of Sales, Operations, and Consulting, another challenge is the German language, which these jobs require due to their proximity to customers. Compared to other recruitment agencies, Stott and May were able to offer a more comprehensive solution, and this simplified everything for us,” Stefan concludes.


Earning the trust to support future growth

In partnering with Stott and May, Stefan felt that he had finally uncovered a go-to supplier that they could really rely on. "We've come to consider Stott and May as our premium hiring partners. The trust we've built with them goes beyond formal agreements; they genuinely understand cplace and how to best represent our business in the market,” Stefan acknowledges.

“Our partnership with them has helped us strategically place 3 key hires across sales and engineering. We feel those individuals are perfectly aligned with the cplace vision and will play an important part in our success as we continue to scale. Stott and May are not only swift but also reliable; I trust them to deliver real value. They’re our first-choice recruitment partner,” Stefan concludes. In terms of the future relationship, Stott and May remain a valuable option to support the forward growth of the business. “We have plans to build out our consulting function in the future, and we will definitely look to collaborate with them when we do,” Stefan suggests.

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“We've come to consider Stott and May as our premium hiring partners”

I’ve never had to worry about anything; they augment our team with end-to-end ownership of the process and accountability for the desired results.

Stefan Goller

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, cplace


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